Mini finance without credit check.

Are you searching for quick cash as a solution to your short term fiscal worries? If answer is yes, then just switch on your cell phone and send an SMS to lender. Many lenders in UK now offer minimum cash assistance between £100 and £300 with their new programmes called text loans. This scheme is gaining popularity among the UK citizens as the cash is readily available under this scheme. The borrowers can use this fund for limited period of 1 week. Soon the expiry of this period, borrower of SMS loans has to return the money to his lender.

Text loans are available to only those individuals, who are getting monthly paychecks. Therefore these advances are also called text payday loans.

To be eligible for this advance,

  • You should be 18 years old or above,
  • You are a regular employee of a renowned firm,
  • You have inherited UK citizenship rights &
  • You own a cell phone, a valid driving license and active bank account with debit card facility.

Financial institutions ask you for bank account for the purpose of transfer of advance amount. You have to fill a simple form on the online site of a lender. If lender approves you, you will get small cash directly into your bank account. Poor credit history such as CCJs, IVAs, missed installment payments, arrears etc. are not an issue with SMS advance. Even collateral submission is not required for this mini finance. You must repay the advance amount with your debit card soon your next month paycheck arrives.

SMS advance is quite useful for emergency situations such as small grocery purchase, recharge of mobile phone, paying small credit card bills etc. Borrowers have to repay higher interests on this finance as the repayment term of this cash plan is very limited.


Mobile phone owners now can avail a small fund between £100 and £300 with text loans.

This advance allows the salaried persons of UK to avail small cash for their short lived emergencies. 

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