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It has never been easier or faster to get cash when you need it most for those unexpected expenses, late bills or for any reason. Text Loans is a quick and convenient way to request cash from your mobile phone when you most need it. They are small unsecured loans, paid directly into your debit card account, often within hours of sending your text.

A Text Loan is an ideal solution for individuals with short-term cash-flow needs. Once you subscribe to the service, you can borrow up to £100 for a period of 7days. This loan also provide you with easy repayment facility. after the completion of 7 days, the amount will itself transferred from your account to lenders bank account.

Anybody who passes the following mentioned elligible criteria can get their mobile number registered at the website of Text Loan Lender.

  • The borrower must be a domicile of UK.
  • The borrower must be 18 years old or above.
  • The borrower must have a bank account on his name.
  • The borrower must have a mobille and an e-mail account.

In order to get register your mobile number for thses loans you need to visit the website of the lenders to fill an online application form. Once you apply the form, the lender will verify your detail and if they find you elligible they will contact you. They will provide you an unique PIN number which you have to use at time you need cash.

Now whenever you feel cash crisis you can SMS the lender including the amount you need with the retrieval period. They will then ask you that PIN. If you provide him the correct registered PIN they will transfer the funds as soon as possible in your account book.  

This short amount loan can offer you big help in your hard time. So do not put yourself in trouble. Take out your mobile and send a text to solve out monetary emergency.


Text Loans is a quick and convenient way to get cash at the earliest. Visit the website of the test loan lender to get your number registered to get the benefit during struggling hours. These loans are very short-termed unsecured loan amount.

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