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By Olivia Maaret

Often, finding a timely loan becomes difficult, especially when there many enquiries from the lenders involved in it. But, if you are a salaried person, then without any credit checks and enquiries, just filling of the details on an online application can provide you same day loans. However, be prepared before making the application.

Usually, it is within 24 hours that the borrower receives the loan amount in his or her bank checking account. So, the loan can be used immediately for getting rid of an urgent bill. The sole parameter is that you must be getting a fixed monthly salary from the current job that you hold for a minimum of past six months. Your age must be at least 18 years and you must hold a valid and active bank checking account.

You can borrow £100 to £1500 for its repayment from the next paycheque. The loan is usually approved for 14 days, until your next payday. Or, it can be rolled over on making the interest payments. Usually, you are able to find these loans against a post-dated cheque of the amount you borrow and interest payment.

There are no credit checks involved in same day loans, enabling even bad credit borrowers to take out the loan on time.

However, these loans are also known for their high costs for the salaried people, as the interest rate only goes higher. Hence, repay the loan on the due date and avoid borrowing more than you can repay.

Out of many offers of same day loans on internet, you can find some of these loans at competitive rates on certain terms-conditions. Ensure that you repay the loan without stretching it for longer duration in order to escape from any forming of debts. Borrow only an amount that is not a burden on your next salary cheque.


The loan is meant for same day use as it is given within 24 hours to the salaried people, without any credit checks. But interest rate goes higher.

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