Same day cash loans: reliable finances at times of financial crunch

By Olivia Maaret

It is always a recurring problem that of running out of finances in the middle of the month. Normally you seek the help of some friends or relatives and in some cases you apply for loans. To help you out now from sudden cash deficit, same day cash loans can be of great help. These loans offer finances which can sumptuously used towards covering the expenses such as paying medical bills, electricity bills, sudden car repair, traveling expenses and like wise.

These are basically unsecured loans where in you do not have to attach any asset as collateral. As the name connotes, these loans are made available within the same day it self. These are basically short term loans where in you can avail finance in the range of £100-£1500 for a repayment period that lasts for maximum of 2- 4 weeks. However to avail these loans, you must fulfill the eligibility criteria. They are as follows

  • The monthly income should not be less than £1200
  • An active or valid bank account which must be at least 3 months old
  • Age should be more than 18 years with a citizenship of UK
  • Employed in any organization or company on a permanent basis

If you are an eligible candidate, the amount is transferred within the same day to your bank account. This enables you to meet the urgencies without any delay. There is no credit check involved which makes it possible for the borrowers with bad credit to go for these loans. One thing is certain that these loans are a prefect solution for those borrowers who are salaried. The repayment period is flexible in nature as you can extend it, if you are in financial discrepancy. To do so, you have an extra fee to the lender. The rate of interest is slightly higher, but if a detailed research of the market is taken using the online mode, then it might help you obtain affordable rates. Moreover on timely repayment of the borrowed, you can elevate the credit score.

Now it can be said that with same day cash loans, you have a platform to meet the sudden needs.


Same day cash loans are short term loans which can be availed without any collateral. These loans are beneficial for borrowers who are salaried. With no credit check, these loans are also available to bad credit borrowers.

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