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By Olivia Maaret

Often, people are short of money, just after they get the salary cheque. This means that they have to run around for arranging instant money, in case of urgency. Such people may rush to same day cash loans, unprepared and fall into debts. They must be aware of the advantages and traps of these loans, before making the application.

These are unsecured loans for a short period. Generally, the lenders wire the loaned amount in your bank account within 24 hours, against a post-dated cheque, you write to the lender. This cheque includes the fee, while the lender deposits the loan amount minus the fee. Another method is that you permit the lender to withdraw the loaned amount from your bank account on due date.

These loans range from £100 to £1500, depending on your monthly salary. The only parameter is that you must be currently an employee, drawing a fixed monthly salary. The approval comes for two weeks.

You must note that same day cash loans are highly costly as the financial charges on the borrowed amount are very high. If you extend the loan for a month, then the charges go many times higher. This makes the loan a huge repayment burden for salaried people. So, borrow an amount, which you can repay at the first opportunity.

In case of bad credit history of late payments, arrears or defaults, the loan approval comes without any credit checks. One can say that these are easier loans for people with blemished history.

Many lenders claim a suitable same day cash loans deal for you. Do not rush to them. Instead, make a comparison of them on internet and see who has comparatively lower fee charges. You must be at least 18 years of age, with an active bank checking account to qualify. Avoid extending the loan as it may result in debts.


Same day cash loans come in your hands within 24 hours without any credit checks. However, a pit fall is that these are highly costly loans for salaried people. read the article for more.

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