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By Olivia Maaret

Salaried class of people requires urgent money very often because of their dependency on salary. Instant cash loan therefore comes handy in such a situation when they need money urgently. The main advantage of instant cash loan is that it is approved within hours of applying for it and usually the loan amount comes in the borrower’s bank account within 24 hours.

Instant cash loan is unsecured loan, which means the borrower is not at all required to place any security with the lender. This makes the loan completely risk free for the borrower. Instant cash loan is known by payday loans as well. So the borrower can return instant cash loan when he or she gets next paycheque. Obviously instant cash loan if approved for only two weeks, though the borrower has the option of extending the repayment duration for couple of weeks on paying the lender’s fee.

Under instant cash loan, you can borrow £100 to £1500 but it depends on your monthly salary. However, instant cash loan carry very high fee of the lender. So it would be better to compare as many lenders as you can for locating suitable lender having comparatively lower fee. You will notice that some lenders have very low fee.

If you are labelled as individual with bad credit history, do not worry as instant cash loan is approved easily for such individuals. So, all borrowers who have undergone problems like late payments, arrears, payment defaults etc, can freely apply for the loan.

Only those borrowers are allowed instant cash loan who are at least18 years of age and are earning fixed monthly salary. Also the borrower should have checking account in a bank. Return the loan amount in time for avoiding any enhanced fee of the lender.


Instant cash loan is designed for providing loan the same day of applying for it. It is unsecured loan and can be repaid through next paycheque. Even bad credit people are approved the loan without any delay.

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