RecBLOG: "Traduzco, luego escribo" by Mercedes Guhl

Today we'd like to highlight a new blog called Traduzco, luego escribo [I translate; therefore I write] by Mercedes Guhl, a very accomplished book translator from Colombia who is active member of the American Translators Association Literary Division (ATA-LD).

On her blog, Mercedes talks about reading, writing and translating. She also discusses the translation process and thoughts on language from a perspective of someone who has 25 years of experience in the field.

Her blog is written in Spanish and highlights the role of translators as co-authors of a book. "For me, translating is like sowing seeds for a dialog," she writes. Mercedes also chronicles the experience all translators go through in some way of another: "When I'm reading a book in my downtime, my trained eyes are able to find mistakes and punctuation hiccups, even when I don't know the language the original book was written in."

We look forward to reading more from Mercedes and learning from her fascinating experiences in literary translation!