RecBLOG: "Reading in Translation" ― a collective blog on translated books

This month we'd like to highlight a collective blog called Reading in Translation, which is dedicated to posting reviews on translated books. Best of all, these reviews are written by people who are translators themselves―so you can bet they know a thing or two about translated literature.

"R in T," as it is also know, was founded by Lucina Schell, who translates poetry from Spanish to English and contributes to Zoland Poetry and the American Literary Translators Association Twitter feed (@ALTA_USA).

The blog's missions are "to address the general neglect of translated literature in mainstream review publications" and "to serve as a model for reviews that evaluate the quality of the translation and acknowledge the contribution of the translator to the text."

Interestingly enough, three stories caught our eye this past couple of weeks when talking about exactly that―raising awareness of books in translation and international literature in general:

This last article is an interview conducted by Lucina herself with the founder of one of the most prominent Spanish-to-English publishers around. And that was precisely what brought to "R in T" and the wealth of information they share.