RecBLOG: "Free Word" by the Free Word Centre

Today we'd like to highlight Free Word, a blog maintained by Free Word Centre, a London-based international center for literature, literacy and free expression that develops local, national and international collaborations to explore the transformative power of words.

The organization is a charity, supported by public funding from the Arts Council England, and describes itself as a "space for creativity, discovery and dissent" that brings together "pioneering organisations from across literature, literacy and free expression providing them with a safe space to experiment, to try out new ideas and to start conversations."

Their efforts connected not only to literature, but to translation as well, is what caught our attention. They recognize that London is a multilingual city and aim at involving schools and communities in their projects, including Translators in Residence and International Translation Day, to "celebrate today’s urban language mix and explore how translation in its widest sense can be a powerful means of change."

Lastly, they work with authors all over the world through an initiative called The Power of Translation, which uses storytelling and imagination to build cultural understanding and mantain a large library of donated translated fiction that gives access to cultures and stories beyond linguistic borders. "In the UK only a tiny percentage of literature is in translation," they recognize, "meaning that our access to writing in other languages is hugely limited."

Here are some of their translation-related blog posts we'd like to highlight for your reading (and listening) pleasure: