New Efforts Put Self-Published Authors in the Spotlight

There was a time when self-publishing a book was seen as something negative, as if only those rejected by publishers could resort to such option. Now that we have so many examples of success stories among self-published authors, people are definitely taking notice.

Two recent efforts have gone live to put the spotlight on self-published authors and give readers a chance to discover new names, apart from those they see through window displays at bookstores or on and best-sellers lists.

The first one is called Bookstorming, it was created in Brazil as a crowd-funding platform for books. The proposed project goes up, the marketing team shares the related information on the social media, and readers pledge to fund it to get the book published. The website has a team of publishing experts, who help with book cover design and text editing. All those involved in the effort actually get a copy of the book, plus some perks, once the project becomes viable.

The second one is called Booklife, and it's an initiative created by Publisher's Weekly. The purpose of the website is to serve as a platform where self-published authors submit their books for review. Some books and authors get highlighted and get a little blurb and bio; others get more lengthy reviews by the staff. The website also has nice how-tos for authors to get more ideas on writing, publishing, and spreading the word about their work

Have you tried either website or something similar? What have been your experiences so far in getting the word out about your books?