Book Review: "101 Things a Translator Needs to Know" by WLF Think Tank

There are several books about translation out there, some focused on helping freelancers set up their practice from the ground up, others dedicated to the ins an outs of translation theory. However, "101 Things A Translator Needs to Know" has a little bit of everything for translators from all walks of life. Actually, this book works more like a guide that provides little drops of wisdom and inspiration to beginning and experienced translators alike.

"101 Things..." was written by a group of experts that calls themselves WLF Think Tank, that is, practicing translators who have been meeting at the WordLink Forum since 1995 to discuss the state of the profession. They come from three different continents and have an estimated 500 years of experience combined acting as translators, interpreters, keynote speakers, and language instructors.

Here are two of their lessons we'd like to share:

#73 "Stay within your comfort zone and specialize in the language variant that comes naturally to you. And educate your clients: make them aware that a one-size-fits-all solution is unlikely to be a good fit for anything at all."

#83 "You are not translating for yourself, but for the client who pays you and for the reader who needs to understand you."

With such a diversified, yet cohesive group, this "collection of insights" could only mean good news to translators worldwide, whether they're learning something new or reinforcing what they already knew to work in the real world.