Join The Game: The World Cup Of Literature!

The World Cup, aka "biggest show on Earth," starts today! The event will take place in Brazil June 12 (the local Valentine's Day) through July 13, when the champion will raise the golden cup to the skies.

What? You're not into soccer? No problem! You can always join a literary-related movement while the rest of the world is partying 24/7 while supporting their national teams.

Check out this initiative by the ever-so-clever Three Percent blog, which put together a bracket of teams represented by a hot book written in the original language and currently available in English―thanks to translators! Well, except for those originally written in English by authors from the UK, USA, and Australia.

(The bracket below does not reflect all the matches being played at the real event)

You can follow this fun literary game on Facebook and Twitter, too. And here's a great explanation by the Three Percent staff to clueless fans of translation who don't really know much about soccer:

The 32 countries represented in the 2014 World Cup of Literature are THE SAME 32 COUNTRIES as represented in the Real World Cup games. If you don't see a certain country in the WC of Literature bracket, it's because they sucked at soccer this year. Simple as that―sorry!

Lastly here's the list of books selected to represent each nation (in alphabetical order, according to country name):