"Tradução Brasileira" by Gabriel Perissé

This month's RecBLOG is called Tradução Brasileira ("Brazilian Translation,") written by author, translator and doctor of Educational Philosophy Gabriel Perissé. What attracted us to his blog was the great diversity of material, from comments on the need to revisit old literary translations due to changes in terminology, analyses on imported pop culture, and current events involving language issues that received media coverage.

In addition to his posts, there are also nice sections about the books he translated each year and articles on translation he wrote for the Língua Portuguesa magazine. However, perhaps the most interesting part of his blog is potentially a section he calls Experiências tradutórias ("Translation Experiences,") in which he promises to introduce us to authors and books that deserve to get translated into Brazilian Portuguese. In the first installment of this column, he highlighted Bernard Friot, French author of children's and YA books.

Gabriel created his blog back in 2012 and, after an 18-month hiatus, came back to posting last month. We do hope he can keep updating his blog, because he has invaluable perspectives to offer.