Book Release: "The Alliance ― The Seven Houses of God" by Beto Córdova

In “The Alliance ― The Seven Houses of God,” Brazilian author Beto Córdova creates an innovative and interactive plot, in which readers find themselves as the main character. They will have the power to influence a love triangle that brings together a failed journalist, a writer seeking revenge, and a mythological god who, in the name of love, promises to reveal the biggest secrets of the universe in exchange for a favor by the end of the book.

Originally written in Portuguese and recently translated into English by eWordNews Content Curator Rafa Lombardino, the story is a self-published success in Brazil, where it became the # 1 book in both the “Sci-Fi” and “Myths, Legends, and Sagas” categories at the Brazilian Amazon Store, leaving behind such a literary heavyweight as Paulo Coelho.

The book has a little over 240 pages and explores a journey of self-awareness set in the year 2038. “I can’t believe we waste so much time going to school to learn that earthworms are hermaphrodites, but we learn nothing about things that really matter,” the author instigates readers to question their knowledge.

Beto Córdova is a lawyer and parapsychologist who says he always dreamed of writing a book. “I'd try to write something, but then I'd give up. There was something missing,” he recalls. 

“Later on, while I was studying parapsychology, my hypnosis instructor told our class the metaphor of an elephant trapped in a circus. He explained that a trainer uses a rope to tie a baby elephant by the ankle to a post in the ground, which is sufficient to keep it in place. If it tries to run away, it falls down and soon gives up. Then, when the adult animal is strong enough to break free, it doesn't even try because it was conditioned NOT to use its strength! That day, I realized what I wanted to write about...”

Soon, the opportunity presented itself and Beto investing in his ebook, instead of following the traditional publication channels. “I had butterflies in my stomach,” he admits. “After working hard for so many years, I needed to make a decision: be tied down to an old model or try my luck with something new. I thought back on the elephant and the rope...” he says, adding that he is very happy with his decision.

The Alliance” is a true history lesson and also addresses enlightenment rituals, ancient secrets, and futuristic technologies. It is a thought-provoking novel that, nevertheless, becomes a learning experience that makes readers question the authority of governments, military force, and religious institutions. “What would happen if you realized that the power was within you all along?” Beto asks.

SYNOPSIS ― What if you came across an interactive novel in which YOU are the main character in a story that addresses the evolution of human consciousness and a power that comes from within? Does it sound impossible to you? Not really! 

For the love of Camila―our protagonist―a mythological god comes back from the future to propose an alliance to readers, while promising to reveal the biggest secrets of the universe in exchange for a favor.

Camila is a journalist who has lost her credibility and, in the brink of financial collapse, is about to be evicted with her ill mother in tow. She needs more than another story to save her blog, “The Truth,” from bankruptcy. She is young, single, and has been skeptical since her father passed away. She needs more than just another scoop―what she needs is a true miracle!

One day, she receives a video sent from Jerusalem containing images of a threatening ritual in which a group of women call forth an entity known as “The Great Evil.” Camila then tries to contact Jimmy, who sent her the material, but ends up being kidnapped in the process.

Unaware that a group is planning to free Mankind from its physical prison by destroying Earth, Camila finds herself in an underground cell right next to Fernando, the parapsychologist who brought her blog down. He assures her that the so-called “Great Evil” is connected to the legend of a powerful ring and a bride who is destined to give her soul away to God in order to stop an ancient end-of-the-world prophecy.

Camila is far away from home, in Jerusalem, and must decide whether she should form an alliance with the man she calls “that son of a bitch” or give what her kidnappers want. She thinks about the images of the ritual, her blog, the eviction notice... “Mom, I swear I'll get us out of this mess!” she keeps thinking to herself.

Allow yourself to be stunned and download a free preview of “The Alliance ― The Seven Houses of God” right away!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR ― Beto Córdova was born in Lages, State of Santa Catarina in July 5th, 1975. He lives on the Florianópolis island in the south of Brazil with his wife and son, and the family is eager to have one more child―”Hopefully a girl!”

He has a Law Degree and a post-graduation in Parapsychology, as well as a certificate in Hypnosis. He's been playing the guitar since he was 15 and loves rock, blues, reggae, and Brazilian music. He is also an avid reader who enjoys a wide variety of literary genres, “As long as the story moves me and/or reveals different ways to see life.”

The Alliance ― The Seven Houses of God” is his second novel, but the first one to be translated into English.