Book Release: "Contemporary Brazilian Short Stories ― Vol. 2"

I'm really excited about this announcement, because it feels like another "baby" that I helped bring to this world. The best part of it all is that none of the collaborators had to be pregnant for nine months and go through any labor pains―now we only get to experience the joy of looking at our creation and swell with pride when the time comes to introduce it to the world :-)

Actually, let me track back a bit. If you're not familiar with Contemporary Brazilian Short Stories, it's a project I coordinate with a group of authors, translators and proofreaders in order to bring a variety of stories written by authors from Brazil and help raise awareness and facilitate the access of English-speakers (readers) to a slice of our diversified Brazilian culture.

For the second volume, we prepared 24 short stories written by Brazilians coming from all corners of the country: Rio Grande do Sul, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Mato Grosso do Sul, Pará, and Pernambuco―two of them actually live abroad; one in Switzerland, and the other one in Italy.

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In this edition, we also had the pleasure to feature several award-winning writers, two of whom were actually featured in the Machado de Assis Magazine. And what a variety of themes we were able to put together in this book!

  • Post-apocalyptic, dystopian future sci-fi stories
  • Descriptive narrations in which a man declares his passionate love for a woman
  • Thrillers in which characters are brought together by chance (some of them end up badly)
  • A few stories with observations of everyday life
  • Some very poetic, abstract stories
  • Notes on relationships (some with couples that are more successful than others in living a happy, fulfilling life together)
  • And a beautifully executed story of an older gentleman who reflects about his life, his city, and the place he calls home (whose real building that inspired the author you can see on the cover of our book)

Following the same format of Volume 1, we feature the English stories in the first part of the book, along with a picture and short bio so you can learn about each author, and then the original stories in Portuguese in the second part of the book, along with links to blogs and social media sites where you can find more about their work.

We hope readers get to enjoy this compilation as much as we enjoyed putting it together!

    RAFA LOMBARDINO is a translator and journalist from Brazil who lives in California. She has been working as a translator since 1997 and, in 2011, started to join forces with self-published authors to translate their work into Portuguese and English. In addition to acting as content curator at eWordNews, she also runs Word Awareness, a small network of professional translators, and coordinates a literary project to promote Brazilian literature worldwide: Contemporary Brazilian Short Stories (CBSS).