Book Release: "Singles 1" ― KBR Columnists

Are you familiar with the "Kindle Singles" concept created by Amazon? In a nutshell, it's the ideal format for materials that aren't long enough to become a traditional book, nor too short to be "just" a story on a magazine or newspaper.

With the "singles" format, many authors have been talking about a variety of subjects to offer a perspective that may not fit in the print or digital pages of a news publication, but wouldn't have enough pages either to become a detailed, in-depth fiction or non-fiction book.

Among the existing "singles"  there are news stories, essays, memoirs, narratives and short stories whose goal is to educate, entertain, inspire, and inform―and it's all presented in an air-tight format that can usually be read quickly, in one sitting.

This format is also being successfully used for collections, mainly those gathering columnists to show their unique points of view and different voices about something in particular. Such is the case of the recently-published "Singles 1," by KBR Editora, whose purpose is to collect the almost 1,000 columns published weekly in Portuguese on the publisher's website and offer them in a periodical digital format for a quick reading at an affordable price.

This first edition also brings a light and personal column written by our Content Curator  Rafa Lombardino, who talks a little bit about her adventures as a literary translator.

Happy reading!