"That Other Word" by Daniel Medin and Scott Esposito


Today we'd like to recommend the literary translation podcast organized by The Center for Writers and Translators at The American University of Paris (AUP) and the Center for the Art of Translation in San Francisco. Titled "That Other Word," it focuses on literary professionals who highlight different sides of the publishing industry.

The podcast is hosted by Daniel Medin, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and English at the AUP, and Scott Esposito, who has been keeping a literary blog called Conversational Reading since 2004. Additionally, they are both editor of the Quarterly Conversation magazine.

Each episode is divided into two parts: an introduction with some highlights in literary translation and an animated talk between the hosts, followed by an in-depth interview with a guest.

To date, there have been ten episodes on the lives and works of a variety of translators, publishers, editors, and literary event organizers coming from different backgrounds and covering different languages, including English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, Polish, and Russian.

For the purposes of our own blog―since eWordNews is published in English and Portuguese―we'd like to recommend the episodes on Margaret Jull Costa and Benjamin Moser, two translators who have brought classics from Portugal and Brazil into English.