"TradCast" by Érika Lessa, Cláudia Mello Belhassof, and Marcelo Neves


Today we would like to recommend TradCast, the first Brazilian podcast on translation, and perhaps the only one in Portuguese. It was created by Érika Lessa, Cláudia Mello Belhassof, and Marcelo Neves, and they touch a variety of subjects related to Portuguese translations.

Their two most recent episodes are very relevant to literary translation. The one from February 2013 featured Daniel Estill, who talked about children's books and finding inspiration in his own child. Then, in April 2013, they interviewed Renato Motta, who has over 70 book translations under his belt, giving a Brazilian voice most notably to female authors writing in English.

If you understand Portuguese, or are learning this melodic language, you will sure enjoy the informal deep talks proposed by this trio of translators based in Rio and their knowledgeable guests.