Role of Translation in Nation Building

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By Ravi Kumar


The Indian Translators Association and Modlingua, a private translation company, have just joined forces to publish "Role of Translation in Nation Building".

This book talks about how translators have always played a pivotal role in social and cultural changes and how they continue to play a major role in the dissemination of the ever-expanding knowledge and information available today.

In this globalized world, the demand for translation and language-related services is growing exponentially each day. Translation is not only needed for the creation of a national identity―it has also become an essential tool for keeping pace with the processes of globalization and localization.

At the national level, we often take a translator's crucial role  for granted. At the international level, we are less aware of their equally-pivotal place as mediators and, potentially, in the creation of the even larger and more comprehensive global supranational identities, which seem destined to follow in the future.

The book also covers how translation has played a crucial role in shaping up nations, not only in the Indian and Asian context, but also in Europe, Canada, Africa, Australia and Arab world. Hence, in a way, the range of thoughts and issues discussed in the book encompasses the entire globe.

This book is also an attempt to find answers to the following issues:

  • What role has translation played in nation building in both the Indian and the global context?
  • How easy (or difficult) is it to view translation and nation building as walking hand in hand?
  • Did translation play a role in Turkish modernism movements and its accession to the European Union?
  • What about translation and nation building in the African, Arabian and Australian contexts?
  • Do national conflicts and language politics actually impact literary works and translations?
  • How can media play an effective part in bringing social changes through translations?
  • How has translation impacted the discourse on nationalism and globalization in the Arab World?

The book can be used as a reference tool by people studying language theory, translation, and literature; research scholars working in fields related to translation, nationalism, globalization, and international studies, and professors who teach related subjects.

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RAVI KUMAR, researcher and founder of the Modlingua Group and President of the Indian Translators Association, is the editor of "Role of Translation in Nation Building." He has a Master's of Arts and Philosophy in Spanish and Culture Studies and authored a series of books on Latin America and Translation Studies, including "Brazil: Your Business Destination," "Peru: Your Business Destination," and "Venezuela: Your Business Destination."