"Authors & Translators," a collective blog

Following up on my list of blogs dedicated to literary translation, here's the sixth installment to the RecBLOG section.

The other day I came across an exciting blog dedicated to posting profiles on authors and translators, highlighting their experiences and interactions. Simply named "Authors & Translators," it is a collective blog open to the public and aimed at featuring a diversity of cultures and languages.

The blog proposes a short interview, with questions already available on a special tab and translated into several languages, encouraging both authors and translators to talk about their work in their own language. A nice little "P.S." explains why "You can’t read [language]? Next time you read a/an [nationality] author in your language, remember the experience was made possibly by a translator." Nice, isn't it?

Most of the content is published in English, even though I also read a couple of posts in Italian―the site URL ends in ".it" and it indicates that the people behind it could be in Italy. There was one about Simone Sarasso and his translators, with an interesting quote about how this author in particular sees translation work:

"Translators are alchemists. If they can do their job well, they achieve authentic transmutations: they provide the writer’s voice with a pair of wings and a passport. They legitimate it and ennoble it. They shorten the distance between readers, and this is magic."