"The Creative Literary Studio" by Manuela Perteghella and Eugenia Loffredo

Following up on my list of blogs dedicated to literary translation, here's the fifth installment to the RecBLOG section.


Today I would like to recommend "The Creative Literary Studio," which is kept by  Eugenia Loffredo and Manuela Perteghella. They went to the University of East Anglia in the UK for their Masters and PhD degrees in literary translation, and got together to explore translation as a creative form.

They edited a book on their favorite subject, Translation and Creativity, which brings together several essays written by scholars and translators. Additionally, they had the wonderful idea to do an exercise on perspectives by having different people rewrite Apolinaire's Les Fenêtres and this experiment was documented in the book One Poem in Search of a Translator. There's also a great interview with them on the Between the Lines podcast by the University College London.

The post I'd like to comment here is entitled "Reflecting on Translating Myth" because it ties in nicely with my last post about stumbling upon Greek mythology while translating material for a video game.

Manuela and Eugenia proposed the translation of myth and, quoting Jill Scott's The Task of Speaking Time and Space, explain that myths are seen as "misrepresentations of the truth" and "laden with the powerful truth value." I believe that is a great parallel to how many see the work of translators.

They have received translated material about the subject and are posting it to the "Translations & Other Writings" section of the blog. I highly encourage readers to check out the published submissions, especially Josephine Balmer's translations on Proserpina and Niobe, which speak to the grief of mothers for their children and I found most interesting.