Book Release: “Simply Astrology” by Rosangela Alvarenga

It's officially the holiday season and an endless string of book releases brings us gift ideas with something special for our friends and family. One of the books I've recently finished translating is “Simply Astrology”―yet another partnership with KBR, which is now available at Amazon stores worldwide―fits perfectly into this category and has the potential to become a much-talked-about topic at a Secret Santa parties.

It was written by Rosangela Alvarenga, a prominent psychoanalyst and astrologer from Brazil, who taps into her psychoanalytical skills and years of practice as an Astrology Consultant and Horoscope Writer to interpret ancient traditions and reveal what the signs of the zodiac can say about us.

Rosangela has a special way to talk about the main traits of each sign while mentioning examples that we can easily relate to, bringing to mind people we know―or sometimes even ourselves. Her writing is conversational and inviting, which makes such a wide-range topic very approachable.

The author acknowledges that she could hardly address everything there is to know about Astrology in a single book, explaining that there's more to zodiac interpretation than simply the sign under which you were born, since planetary influences also weigh in on your personality and world view. Still, she can be spot-on when it comes to describing how people of different signs see themselves and those around them.

RAFA LOMBARDINO is a translator and journalist from Brazil who lives in California. She has been working as a translator since 1997 and, in 2011, started to join forces with self-published authors to translate their work into Portuguese and English. In addition to acting as content curator at eWordNews, she also runs Word Awareness, a small network of professional translators, and coordinates two projects to promote Brazilian literature worldwide: Contemporary Brazilian Short Stories (CBSS) and Cuentos Brasileños de la Actualidad (CBA).