"Ponte de letras," by Petê, Carolina, Débora, and Flávia


If you read Portuguese and are interested in book translations, you should already know about "Ponte de letras," a collective blog written by Petê Rissatti, Carolina Caires Coelho, Débora Guimarães Isidoro, and Flávia Souto Maior. Each one of them have impressive resumes in the area and so much to teach about their experiences, mostly on English-to-Portuguese translations.

Their blog has only been up since September 2013, but there's so much knowledge in those pages already:

  • For those who are starting out in the area, Flávia talked about planning and managing your time during your first book translation.
  • Carolina has a post about the headaches from proofreading somebody else's work―especially when the translator doesn't quite see that he/she wasn't cut to be a translator or is still inexperienced and has to reflect on his/her mistakes.
  • Débora has a very funny article on what goes on in a translator's mind, even during some much deserved downtime.
  • Petê wrote about non-fiction, for those who forget that not all book translations are of a literary nature.

In addition to the blog, they also keep a Facebook page that not only features their articles, but also links to other publications that explore the same subject. You simply cannot miss all this great information in one centralized location.