"Um zumbi na noite" now available

Um zumbi na noite

Um zumbi na noite, the Portuguese translation of "Zombie Nights" by Tom Lichtenberg, is now available for Kindle on Amazon.com and in print form on CreateSpace.com.

This is the story of Dave Connor, who wakes up on a shallow grave without knowing who he is and how he ended up there. Moved only by instinct, he tries to understand who he was and sort out his existence as a living dead, relearning what it means to be (half-)human again.

This is the first book I had the pleasure to translate in partnership with self-published authors who make their work available online. Translating literature has always been a dream of mine and one of the things that first attracted me to becoming a professional translator. Now that e-reading platforms are becoming increasingly more popular, this is the best moment to fill in the gap in titles available to Brazilian readers, so they can have access to enticing stories from contemporary indie authors.