"Brave New Words" by B.J. Epstein

Following up on my list of blogs dedicated to literary translation, here's the third installment to the RecBLOG section


Today I would like to recommend B.J. Epstein's "Brave New Words" ―one of the longest-running translation blogs out there (since 2006). B.J. specializes in cultural, academic, and literary translations from Scandinavian languages (Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian) into English.

I have been following "Brave New Words" for a long time and often see some of its posts reviewed by my students in the Tools & Technology in Translation class I teach at UC San Diego Extension. The week I have students open up their horizons to translation and language blogs, B.J.'s is usually the one that they like most on the list of suggestions.

Keeping up with the New Year spirit, I'd like to highlight a post entitled "Translation and Resolutions," in which B.J. revisits a 2012 New Year resolution about promoting authors in translation:

Well, that certainly was not an easy task I set myself. As we know, the English-speaking world is generally pretty resistant to translation, and that is indeed what I found when trying to promote some of my favourite authors. I did get some translations accepted in literary magazines, and I wrote some articles about translation in order to help make translation more visible. So while I would have loved to do more, I feel pretty pleased with what I have accomplished.

That was my exact thought when reflecting on what I could do this year to further one of my most passionate goals: To raise awareness of foreign authors in translation. 

Juggling my "day job" as a technical translation with my work with self-published authors, besides coordinating Contemporary Brazilian Short Stories has been fulfilling these past months. Adding Cuentos Brasileños de la Actualidad to the plate in 2013 should be equally fun. And promoting CBSS in the book form while submitting some of these great tales from Brazilians to literary magazines worldwide is my most-immediate priority in the translated literature front this New Year.