And the next book I'll be translating is... "Mahko's Knife" by John O'Dowd

I'm pretty excited to get started on my new literary translation project: the Brazilian Portuguese version of John O'Dowd's "Mahko's Knife." 

It will be longer than the books I've translated so far (117,747 words) and I believe the main challenge that lays ahead of me is translating some military terms.

I've worked with a military-sponsored newsletter and website before, mostly within the context of humanitarian missions, but I expect this thriller to have many twists and turns that will be pretty graphic and realistic, since the author is a former tank unit commander, military lawyer, and paratrooper.

I haven't read the book yet, so I'll be experiencing each development during the translation process, aiming at finding the words that will fit just the right impressions I'll get from the story as a reader. Here is the official synopsis:

Take Jason Bourne, give him Apache blood, threaten his family, and drop him in the Southwestern desert, and you have Mahko Anaya. When crime boss Juan Martinez kidnaps two teenagers in revenge, Mahko tracks them to the Copper Canyon of Mexico. Mahko, a former Army Ranger, pits his military skills, ancestral spirit, and endurance against a band of ruthless killers. One of the teenagers, Mahko's son, has been a good student--and between the two of them, they unleash a fury as cold and cunning as a pack of wolves.