OBITUARY: Sad news in literature

Gore Vidal

GORE VIDAL (1925-2012) was a U.S. author who started to write at age 19. One of his main books is "The City and the Pillar," published in 1948, which caused furor for openly talking about homosexuality. He also wrote plays, used the pseudonym "Edgar Box" to publish mysteries in the 1950s, and worked on the script of MGM's Ben-Hur. His incendiary catalog was translated into 36 languages and made available worldwide, spreading his views on sexuality, politics, religion, and the American Empire. ~ More information from CNN and WSJ

Esther Tusquets

ESTHER TUSQUETS (1936-2012) was a Spanish publisher and novelist. Her first novel, "The Same Sea as Every Summer," came out in 1978 as part of a trilogy, completed by "Love is a Solitary Game" (1979) and "Stranded" (1980). The focus of this work was language and the lesbian body as a battlefield. She was also the director of Lumen, an imprint of Random House in Barcelona. ~ More information from El País and ABC