UPDATE: Progress on "Quimeras Incas" Translation

I'm 26 hours in the Portuguese into English translation of Pedro Marangoni's "Quimeras Incas" and I've been able to complete 14,619 of the total 28,879 words, which officially puts me over the half-way mark. 

Since my last update from May 25, I've been able to put in another 10 hours into the book and complete an additional 6,200 words. My output is slower than what I'm used to, but maybe I was "spoiled" by translating the previous five books from English into Portuguese and making progress a lot faster, since I had to check less expressions to make sure they read naturally.

On the upside, working with my reviewer on a literary assignment has been fun, because she's an avid reader as well. If someone like her―who actually fits the target audience of the English version of this book―is enjoying the story and having a positive reading experience, that means I'm doing my job! ;-)