And the next book I'll be translating is: "Quimeras Incas" by Pedro Marangoni

I'm happy to announce that the next book I'll be translating is called "Quimeras Incas" and it was written by Pedro Marangoni, a former helicopter commander who worked in the Amazon. He also served the French Foreign Legion, the Spanish Legion, the National Liberation Front of Angola, the National Mozambique Resistance, and the Special Services in the former Republic of Rhodesia.

I'm pretty excited about it because it will be my first Portuguese into English book. I believe it will be somewhat refreshing to get to work on a genuinely Brazilian story set in the mysterious Amazon.

Here's the official synopsis:

Fiction or reality disguised as a novel? A Brazilian helicopter pilot and a French researcher find evidence of Inca pyramids in the Brazilian Amazon, in the proximity of the Juruá River, and embark on an intriguing adventure in which blood and gold become one and the same.