"Loose Ends" becomes "Casos mal resolvidos" in Portuguese

I am really happy to announce that, after 50 hours of translation and 17 hours of proofreading, I've completed the 59,586 words of "Casos mal resolvidos," the Brazilian Portuguese version of Terri Reid's "Loose Ends."

This was the first of seven books in the Mary O'Reilly's Paranormal Mysteries and it was certainly a blast. The story begins when the wife of a State Senator is haunted by the ghost of a young woman and hires Paranormal Detective Mary O'Reilly to investigate the case. 

Following a family tradition, Mary had been a policewoman in Chicago until she was shot... and died. After being brought back to life, she had a new-found ability to interact with ghosts, thus adding a great tool to her portfolio as a police investigator. Even though the word of a ghost is kind of hard to be held in court, she always manages to follow the lead to solve her cases.

The Portuguese version of the book will be available soon at online stores, so I'll come back in a few days with some links for Brazilian readers to learn more about the story and author Terri Reid and check out a copy of this entertaining ebook.