Celebrating Translationness

Should we read a translation as we would any other piece of literature? Well, this leads into another question: how do we read? Do we read different texts in different ways? Does this change over the course of someone's life? Does reading have different functions depending on style, subject, authorship, time, and other factors?

These are the questions asked by B.J. Epstein, lecturer in literature and translation with the University of East Anglia, in her Huffington Post article entitled "Celebrating Translationness: Reading a Translation."

She makes a great argument about how a translated book needs to be read differently from the original, since a different culture is involved and the "foreignness" of the text cannot be ignored. 

In my humble opinion, learning about something that is foreign to us while identifying the common feelings that unites us as human beings is what reading is all about.

Check out the full article for more insight into how people read translated literature!