UPDATE: Progress on "Quimeras Incas" Translation

I'm 16 hours in the Portuguese into English translation ofPedro Marangoni's "Quimeras Incas" and I've been able to complete 8,523 of the total 28,879 words (about 30%).

Translating into my second language is definitely a challenge. The progress is slower than it would have been the other way around, since I have to double check more expressions to make sure they sound as natural as possible and accurately match the author's original intentions. Nevertheless, I'll be submitting each chapter to my reviewer, who's a native English speaker, so she can detect any improvement opportunity.

I'm really enjoying the story, because the author paints a vivid picture of the Amazon region, a place he seems to know very well due to his profession. He was indeed a pilot (like the main character,) served in many locations around the world, and knows a great deal about survival in the jungle.

I don't wanna give anything away, of course, but it's becoming an interesting thriller and you can't help but wonder whether it's based on real events...