Authors are interested in self-publishing their translations

This piece of news has made my day: authors are interested in publishing the translated version of their out-of-print hits!

Romance author Barbara Freethy has seen huge success making her out-of-print titles available as self-published e-books. She’s now sold 1.6 million copies total and is taking an unusual step: Self-publishing foreign-language editions of those e-books.

“I hired a translator and a separate proofer to proof the translation for each book. In some instances I used a second proofer as well to make sure the translation was as accurate as it could possibly be. I went through for a couple of the translators and another was referred by an author to me. It’s a complicated process, but I do believe the global market is going to grow and I would love to make my stories available around the world in as many languages as possible.”

According to PaidContent, a website that specializes in "the economics of digital content," Barbara Freethy is one among many author who decided to re-release their out-of-print titles as e-books through Amazon, Apple and Smashwords. She has already made titles available in German (“Don’t Say A Word" became "Sag kein Wort"), Spanish ("Daniel’s Gift" is now "El Regalo de Daniel") and French ("Just The Way You Are" turned into "Exactement Comme Tu Es"). She has also signed a deal with Editora Novo Conceito in Brazil to have her work available in Portuguese.

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