Another Update on "Loose Ends" Translation

I'm officially past the half-way mark: 30,000 words (of 59,586), 71 pages (of 140) and 27 hours into the Portuguese translation.

It's been a lot of fun! Private Detective Mary O'Reilly is sure a feisty one, with the alive and the dead alike. Some important details of the main case have unfolded and there are some interesting parallel stories going around while she is visited by some ghosts and tries to get along with the new Chief of Police.

The translation process is pretty much effortless, thanks to how well the original book flows. There is some technical vocabulary on the missing persons case, but I've been able to find a good equivalent with a little bit of research.

Actually, the only part that had me scratching my head was this:

Pulling on a short, silk robe, she tied it as she headed down the stairs.  She watched him retreat through the broken door, then closed it and moved a chair in front of it in until she could replace the lock – this time, she decided, with a deadbolt. 

 “Deadbolt – good one,” she chuckled.

Glancing around the room, she could see that other than a rumpled rug, he did surprisingly little damage.

“Not bad for a headless dead guy.”

My main problem was the punchline to the joke, because there's nothing "dead" about a Brazilian deadbolt... However, my colleague Lorena Leandro had a great idea and here's what the first draft of the Portuguese translation looks like:

Ela vestiu um roupão curto de seda, amarrando-o na cintura, e desceu as escadas. Viu quando ele passou pela porta arrombada e a fechou, colocando uma cadeira na frente até poder trocar a fechadura. Dessa vez, colocaria uma tetra-chave para deixá-lo confinado no porão.

―Con-finado... Essa é boa!

Examinando o cômodo percebeu que, além das dobras no tapete, a grande surpresa era que ele havia feito pouco estrago.

―Nada mal para um cara morto sem cabeça.

Well, less than 30,000 words to go and I'll get to the end of this mystery. I'm glad author Terri Reid is working on yet another installment of the series and I'm looking forward to spending more time with Mary O'Reilly and her ghosts soon!