Portuguese version of "Oasis" is done!

After 77 hours translating 82,368 words and 22 hours proofreading everything between December and February, the Portuguese version of Bryce Beattie's "Oasis" is finally ready for Brazilian readers. I've just sent the author a copy and now we'll wait for more information when it gets published.

It was definitely easier translating it after having read the book early in 2011, because the images were clear in my head. The language was very straightforward and I only had to research a few technical terms about how virus and bacteria work and a lot of information on guns and rifles, about which I truly know nothing. 

On another note, thanks to Bryce's choice of words I finally understood the meaning behind a popular Brazilian expression. I mean, I already knew what it meant, but I didn't know what one of the words was actually all about. Well, the expression is O tiro saiu pela culatra, which is what we say when something backfires. But now I can understand why it actually backfires! It turns out that "bolt" means culatra móvel, which is a gun part. So, if the shot comes out of the bolt, it's because it backfired.

Well, I'll be back with the links once "Oasis" makes a debut in the Brazilian market, so stay tuned!