UPDATE: Progress on "Mahko's Knife"

After putting 44 hours intoJohn O'Dowd's "Mahko's Knife" since August, I've passed the ¼ mark with an average 730 wph and translated a little over 32,000 of the 117,747 words of this fast-paced thriller set in Colorado.

Mahko is an Apache fugitive with military training who is trying to keep his loved ones safe from a crossfire between two drug cartels, all while avoiding the authorities and bounty hunters trying to track him down to take him back to jail.

The biggest challenge so far is making sure military terms are accurately translated to keep the authenticity of the story. After all, author John O'Dowd is a former tank unit commander, military lawyer, and paratrooper, so he definitely knows what he's talking about when he brings the rich details of Mahko's journey to life.

Stay tuned for more updates on my progress on the Portuguese translation of "Mahko's Knife"!