Incan Chimera is now Available!

I'm really excited about the release of Pedro Marangoni's "Incan Chimera," the English version of his action-packed thriller "Quimeras Incas" originally published in Portuguese.

After 48 hours translating 28,879 words between May and July and 24 hours proofreading it, researching terminology, and checking back with both the author and my editor Jennifer Grenier, the first Portuguese-into-English book I've translated is finally ready for your reading pleasure.

Here's the official synopsis:

Is it fiction or reality disguised as a novel? 
A Brazilian helicopter pilot and a French researcher find evidence of Incan pyramids in the Brazilian Amazon, in the proximity of the Juruá River, and embark on an intriguing adventure in which blood and gold become one and the same.
Incan Chimera is a raw portrait of greed and does a great job describing regional flavors and landscapes, making readers feel they are there, crouching next to the hero behind the bushes of this mystic region, ready to jump into action.
This is a very exciting, fast-paced, breath-taking thriller, bathed in mud, blood, and gold. You can't help but wonder how much the author has actually witnessed of this unknown world in the Brazilian jungle, since Mr. Marangoni is indeed a pilot like the main character and has worked in the secretive Amazon forest.

Click the image below to visit the microsite dedicated to the book and learn where you can get your copy. Check back often, for more options will be posted as the book becomes available through other booksellers.