Tunisians win prize for French to Arabic dictionary translation

Tunisians Abdelkader Mhiri and Hammadi Sammoud have won the Ibn Khaldoun-Senghor prize for translating the New Encyclopedic Dictionary of Linguistics from French to Arabic. 

"The jury noted the precision in the translation and highly appreciated their choice of terminology, as well as the usefulness of the index added by the translators," the International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF) said in a statement.

The dictionary, published by the National Translation Centre in Tunis in 2010, is a reference book for researchers, students and academics. It was chosen among 30 books on sociology, history, philosophy and sciences for the award. Founded in 2007, the Ibn Khaldoun-Senghor prize for translation in the humanities promotes cultural and linguistic diversity and exchange between the Arab and the Francophone world.

Information provided by Pana Press.