In the world of book translations, it almost always comes down to whom you know

Technical translator turned book translator, Axel Alonso shares some insight on working in the literary world: 

"In my experience, it all depends on whom you know, at least when you're first starting. If you're lucky and you know someone working for a publisher who trusts your skills, you have a great chance to start receiving assignments quickly, through recommendation. It's hard to put your foot in the door, so to speak, if they've never worked with you. Publishers have a very small network of translators they rely on and they usually don't see the need to risk themselves by working with strangers. Now, once you're inside, keeping at it is all up to yourself: you have to do a good job, meet the deadline, and be as professional as you can be. I've been working in this field for four years now and I'm about to reach some stability and have the comfortable routine I hope I deserve."

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