Translator and publisher tried in Turkey

The Turkish publisher and translator of Chuck Palahniuk’s new novel “Snuff” may be jailed for “publishing of obscene material” in Turkey. 

The title of the new book by the author of “Fight Club” was translated as “Death Porn” in Turkish and is “incompatible with the values of Turkish society,” according to the public prosecutor.

Here is an excerpt of the book:

During the First World War, I told her, Hitler had been a runner, delivering messages between the German trenches, and he was disgusted by seeing his fellow soldiers visit French brothels. To keep the Aryan bloodlines pure, and prevent the spread of venereal disease, he commissioned an inflatable doll that Nazi troops could take into battle. Hitler himself designed the dolls to have blond hair and large breasts. The Allied firebombing of Dresden destroyed the factory before the dolls could go into wide distribution.

Full article from Bloomberg Businessweek