Albert Nolla and the art of translating Japanese into Catalan

Albert Nolla

Albert Nolla is one of those rare talents. He is from Spain and translates from Japanese into Catalan. He acknowledges that translators have remained anonymous in the literary realm―in fact, he says literary critics only remember translators exist when they find something wrong with the translation. However, he remains optimistic in that the role translators play in the cultural world is becoming clearer every day.

Concerning his rare language combination, he says that the more distant the source and target language are, the bigger the need to live in a country that represents that cultural and linguist environment. "I also translate Paul Auster, who's a New Yorker, but I've never been to New York City and there's no need for it, considering the abundance of references you can find about it," he says.

Full article from Diario de Mallorca