Update on "As The Twig is Bent"

Good news! Despite the fact that August and September have been two of the busiest months in the history of our translation agency, I've been able to dedicate my free time (which has been short in supply) to working on the Portuguese translation of Joe Perrone Jr's "As The Twig is Bent."

Well, I'm finally past the half-way point: 45,820 words out of 81,219. I have to say I've struggled with some terms about fishing and golfing. Luckily, we live in a day and age that reading blogs and watching videos of people dedicating themselves to these two popular hobbies is actually considered work and research, so I've followed a series of instructional golf videos on YouTube and read several articles about fly fishing.

I'm glad I'm getting closer to catching the serial killer. I thought I knew exactly who it was, but of course the story is not that obvious, so more leads are thrown in as the investigation progresses to keep you guessing... I'm really having fun with it and can't wait to know how the story ends and, hopefully soon, work on the next two books of Detective Matt Davis series "Opening Day" and "Twice Bitten."