Update on "As the Twig is Bent" translation

I'm 13 hours into the translation of "As the Twig is Bent" by author Joe Perrone Jr. So far I've translated just short of 16,000 words, up to Chapter 17 and I'm really enjoying it! 

It's a crime thriller "starred" by Detective Matt Davis, who is trying to catch a serial killer. Throughout the book, you're also introduced to a character that goes through the psychological effects of a childhood of neglect. 

I'm really glad this is a series and Joe Perrone Jr. is currently working on the third installment, the second being "Opening Day." This means I may meet Detective Davis again in the near future. Yes, the story is so good that I'm not even half-way through it and I already want more ;-)

As for the title in Portuguese, I'm leaning towards É de menino que se torce o pepino. That is a very good equivalent to the saying in English, which goes "As the twig is bent, so grows the tree," which is reported to have been said for the first time in 1734 by Alexander Pope in "Epistle to Cobham." It literally means that influences on someone as a child will continue to be seen in him as an adult. The Portuguese version is explained as "one must correct the moral defects of a person while he is still young."