"Zombie Nights" by Tom Lichtenberg

As part of the plan to get into literary translation (something I've wanted to do for quite some time now) and make contemporary books written by self-published writers available to Brazilian readers, I contacted Tom Lichtenberg, an author in California who has published over 30 books so far all by himself. 

He really liked the idea of getting his work translated in order to reach a larger audience. He's all about sharing his stories and connecting with readers, so we signed a contract right away to get our collaboration started. Here's the original announcement from Tom about our deal.

The first title to become available in Portuguese will be "Zombie Nights," his most-downloaded book according toSmashWords.com ― it's actually the 2nd most downloaded book in the whole site as of today, which is quite an accomplishment in such an overcrowded industry.

Well, I'm glad to say that the Portuguese version, entitled Um zumbi na noite, will be available later this week. I'm excited to hear from Brazilian readers about Tom's interesting stories, starting with this one.