Sad News: Obituary in Literary Translation

  • Pietro Marchesani (February 8, 1942 - November 29, 2011), an eminent philologist who was responsible for a whole galaxy of contemporary Polish poets translated into Italian, died in Genoa. He was 69. Complete story from
  • Allen Mandelbaum (May 14, 1926 - October 27, 2011), whose fluid and sensitive English version of Dante’s “Divine Comedy” stamped his reputation as one of the world’s premier translators of Italian and classical poetry, died in North Carolina. He was 85. Complete story from The New York Times and Cuny Graduate Center Advocate
  • Eugene Nida (November 11, 1914 – August 25, 2011), a linguist and Baptist minister who spurred a Babel of Bibles, recruiting and training native speakers to translate Scripture into a host of languages around the world, died in Madrid. He was 96. Complete story from The New York Times 
  • Henry Carlisle (September 14, 1926 – July 11, 2011), author and translator who edited Albert Camus and helped translate and publish dissident Soviet author Alexander Solzhenitsyn, died in San Francisco. He was 84. Complete story from The New York Times