Update on the translation of Bryce Beattie's "Oasis"

Now that I am 50 hours into the translation of Bryce Beattie's "Oasis" and have completed 55,375 words up until the end of Chapter 42, I can happily say that I've covered ⅔ of the story.

Nurse Corbin St. Laurent has been through some crazy stuff, not only running away from a mob of infected people in the city of Oasis―which has been shut down by the military, by the way―but also dealing with people who's alive and well and mean as hell.

I know how the story ends, since I read it earlier this year just for fun, so I'm not as tense while I'm translating it. Maybe it was the familiarity with the text has made me go through an insane output of 1,100+ words per hour, but all I know is that I can't wait to read the sequel and check what's going on in Oasis.