Bringing Cultures Together Through Book Translations

Here are some headlines that show the important role literary translations play in bringing cultures close together. Some of these cultures are not so distant, if we consider the proximity of countries like Spain, Germany and France―whose nationals usually cross borders for business or pleasure and are often familiar with their neighbors. However, the bridge a translation can create between two different countries that are far away really has the power to bring a different world view that national readers otherwise would be unable to see (and read!) for themselves in the original setting and language.

  • SPANISH > CZECH: Translator Petr Zavadil calls for new translations of Federico García Lorca, Rafael Alberti and Miguel Hernández into Czech
  • PORTUGUESE / HUNGARIAN > FARSI: Translations of José Saramago's "The Notebook" and Sándor Márai's "Embers" in Farsi are unveiled in Tehran
  • SPANISH / CAMBODIAN > FRENCH: Literature form Puerto Rico and Cambodia are highlighted during literary festival in France
  • FRENCH / KOREAN: Translation duo who met as student and professor in France shares art of co-translating
  • RUSSIAN > SPANISH: Up close & personal with Russian into Spanish literary translator Rubén Darío Flores Arcilla on a 25-minute video interview
  • OLD ENGLISH > GALICIAN: Jorge Luís Bueno is awarded by the Spanish Association for English & American Studies for his Galician version of "Beowulf"
  • SPANISH > FRENCH / GERMAN: 20 authors from León, in Spain, are set to be translated into French and German
  • VALENCIAN > SPANISH / ENGLISH / GERMAN: Valencian author Eric Valor is now translated into 10 languages and his work awaits publication in 2012