Update on the translation of Bryce Beattie's "Oasis"

I've spent a little less than 22 hours working on the Portuguese translation of Bryce Beattie's "Oasis" and it's been a fun ride: 23,653 words so far! I'm officially ¼ into it.

As I mentioned before, I've read it earlier this year for pleasure and I have to say it's been equally pleasant to have a chance to translate it this time around. The images are still clear in my head and I can't help but root for Corbin St. Laurent, the main character who finds himself trapped in a Oasis, a city in the middle of the desert that's been overrun by the infected. And some of the people he meets along the way, who are still apparently healthy, can be just as vicious as the brain dead.

I don't want Murphy to hear me saying it and bring his law crashing onto me, but things seem to be slowing down in December, so let's see how much more time I'll be able to dedicate to this fun translation in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!