Quick list of literature in translation

Here is a list with some interesting books that have been recently translated into different languages worldwide:

  • J. Philip Gabriel, head of the East Asian Studies Department at the University of Arizona, worked with Jay Rubin in the translation of Haruki Murakami's eagerly anticipated novel "1q84", which today got 2nd place in Amazon's "The Best Books of 2011" list http://bit.ly/vtCSjv
  • Alexander Kielland, one of the biggest authors in Norway, finally gets translated into Portuguese with "Garman & Worse" by the hands of translator João Reis http://bit.ly/hMLyDu

  • Yasutaka Tsutsui's "Paprika" now available in Spanish, translated by Jesús Carlos Álvarez Crespo http://bit.ly/v4NB0r

  • Helen Marx translated Robert Pagani's "The Princess, the King and the Anarchist" from French into English http://on.wsj.com/gSyrOK
  • Álvaro Cunqueiro's Xente de aquí e de acolá becomes "Folks from here and there" in English. "It's a great responsibility to translate the work of a translator," says Roberto Varela, who used the source in Galician as reference. "He has a colorful vocabulary and playing with words comes easily to him." http://bit.ly/oyfoIf
  • Small publisher in Valencia rescues "Mary: A Fiction" by Mary Wollstonecraft and translates it into Spanishhttp://bit.ly/jgocET
  • Emilio Lascano Tegui's De la elegancia mientras se duerme, from 1925, is now available in English as "On Elegance While Sleeping" translated by Idra Noveyhttp://on.wsj.com/h8kvbJ
  • Abid Ahmad translated 57 selected poems by contemporary Urdu poet Shiekh Khalid Karrar into English http://bit.ly/uN6Gko
  • Czech author Alois Jirasek's classic "Old Bohemian Legends", which recreates a pilgrimage through Santiago de Compostela, is now available in Galician and Spanish. Both versions were translated by Professor Katerina Vlasáková, head of the Center for Modern Languages at the Santiago de Compostela University, and the respective titles are Desde Bohemia ata a fin do mundo and Desde Bohemia hasta el fin del mundohttp://bit.ly/tadOTp
  • First direct translation from Polish into Spanish of "The Acting Person" written by Karol Wojtyla, Pope John Paul II, is provided by Rafael Mora http://bit.ly/j9nb4H
  • Maricel Mayor Marsán translated Juan Ramón Jiménez'sRomances de Coral Gables into English http://bit.ly/tckekm
  • Jordi Llavina's Londres nevat was translated from Catalan into Asturian by philologist Ramón d'Andrés http://bit.ly/oOPx4C