"As the Twig is Bent" becomes "Pau que nasce torto"

It's finally here! Author Joe Perrone Jr. has just made the Portuguese version of his detective novel "As the Twig is Bent" available on Amazon.

This was a great experience and I wish I had been able to work a lot faster on it. However, as I mentioned before, Murphy's Law caught up to me as my workload really peaked during August and September, but it was definitely worth the wait to solve this first mystery in the Matt Davis Series and have the opportunity to now bring it to Brazilian readers.

The first eight chapters of the Portuguese book, which is called Pau que nasce torto, are actually available through the "Look Inside" Amazon feature. I bet nobody's gonna be able to read just the beginning and leave it at that... This intriguing story has everything: believable characters, shocking murders, religion, twisted childhood experiences, and dangerous online dating.

I can't wait to get to the second and third installments, "Opening Day" and "Twice Bitten" (soon to be released) and follow up on what Detective Matt Davis has been up to.